Applying SOMAY “ROOF MASTIC”® to your home can help you avoid a lengthy and expensive shingle roof repair process. SOMAY “ROOF MASTIC” is an elastomeric roof coating that acts as an affordable alternative to roof repair; shingles are never as strong as when they are reinforced with SOMAY “ROOF MASTIC!”

Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair: Asphalt shingles are supposedly “guaranteed” for many years. But, under the hot tropical sun, asphalt-based roof materials deteriorate very badly in just a few years. The asphalt loses its sealing and flexing properties, becoming brittle and developing cracks and leaks. And asphalt materials attract and hold the sun’s heat, adding to the cost of air conditioning. One coat of SOMAY “PRIME & SEAL, Product No. 7751, and two coats of SOMAY “ROOF MASTIC”® will seal, waterproof, protect and preserve asphalt shingle roofs to make them last indefinitely.

Asbestos Shingle Roof Repair: Although many roofs may “appear” to be in good condition, if the invisible tar paper underneath the shingles has dried out and cracked, the roof will leak. One coat of SOMAY “PRIME & SEAL, Product No. 7751, and two coats of SOMAY “ROOF MASTIC”® applied directly over an original asbestos shingle roof, will seal, waterproof and totally protect your roof. The homeowner will be completely spared the dirt, mess, noise and annoyance of shingle roof repair or ripping off the old roof and applying a new one.

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