Proper Application of SOMAY “ROOF MASTIC”® waterproof roof coatings will stop leaks, seal, waterproof and protect any smooth, structurally sound, well-drained roof surface when applied at the proper thickness according to our instructions. TWO VERY THICK COATS of liquid SOMAY “ROOF MASTIC” must be applied so that they dry and cure to a virtually impenetrable, flexible, seamless, roof waterproofing protective membrane.

SOMAY “ROOF MASTIC”® is a premium quality formulation, incorporating heavy duty acrylic resin emulsions that give its waterproof roof coating incredible resistance to degradation from exposure to the elements, and thus exceptional durability and roof waterproofing capabilities.

SOMAY “ROOF MASTIC”® is resistant to wind, rain, sunlight, ultraviolet solar rays, salt air, snow, sleet, hail, etc. First formulated in 1966, it has been tested and proven in use for years in various climates around the world, from Maine to California, from Canada to the Caribbean, from the deserts of the Middle East and Southwestern United States, to South Pacific tropical islands.