CLEAR WATERPROOFING COATING – SOMAY Product No. 842-00 – SOMAY “ROOF MASTIC”® , Sealer and Protector – “CRYSTAL CLEAR” – “The New Roof in a Can”® – “Hurricane Proof Your Roof”® – “Shed’s Water Like a Duck’s Back”® – A Premium Quality, 100% Acrylic Resin-Based, Waterborne Coating for use on sloped/inclined surfaces to help Seal, Waterproof, Windproof, Protect & Preserve your roof. “ROOF MASTIC” is a waterborne, heavy-duty, exceptionally durable, clear, non-yellowing coating that will seal, waterproof, protect and preserve roof surfaces, including asphalt/fiberglass roof shingles, curved Spanish clay barrel tiles, flat concrete tiles, etc.  Also available in “Energy Star”® White and 5 stock colors.   Product 842-00 has a thick viscosity like paste, so the applicator can build the desired 10 mils DFT per coat or the 20 mils DFT for two coats necessary to achieve waterproofing, windproofing and hurricane proofing benefits.  Dries “Crystal Clear”.   At 48% Vol. Solids = 750 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT.
Product Data Sheet – MSDS    

CLEAR WATERBORNE PRIMER – SOMAY Product No. 777 – “PREMIUM” “PST” – PRIMER-SEALER-TOPCOAT – A Premium Quality, 100% poly-acrylic, waterborne, universal, all-purpose, exterior and interior, clear, non-yellowing coating that can be used as a Primer, a Sealer and a Topcoat or Finish Coating.  It has excellent resistance to ultraviolet (sun) light degradation, excellent adhesion to practically every properly cleaned and prepared surface, and dries to a hard finish that has excellent resistance to wear due to normal pedestrian traffic.  No solvents, no fumes & exceptionally user and environmentally friendly.  “PST” will NOT “blush” or turn “white” if moisture develops under the coating, but will remain clear.  Because SOMAY “PST” will always “breathe”, it allows moisture vapor to escape through the cured coating film.  “PST” can be applied to concrete, stucco, masonry, non-glazed porous brick, stone, concrete blocks, coral rocks and other porous decorative facade materials, wood shingles, wood siding, wood decks, docks or porch floor surfaces, wood paneling (interior and exterior), metal including aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, galvanized steel or primed tin or ferrous metal.  “PST” can be used on practically any well-drained roof surface, including wood shingles, split cedar shakes, asphalt shingles, fiberglass shingles, concrete tiles, clay tiles, barrel tiles, 90-lb. slate, roll roofing, etc. Over 20% Vol. Solids = 182 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT. 
Product Data Sheet – [MSDS]

CLEAR, WATERBORNE, GLOSS VARNISH – SOMAY Product No. 787 – “PREMIUM” ACRYLIC LATEX HIGH GLOSS VARNISH – A Premium quality, 100% acrylic, waterborne, heavy-duty, industrial strength, exceptionally durable, clear, non-yellowing, exterior/interior varnish that will protect, preserve and help retain the natural color and beauty of wood and other substrates.  No. 787 is resistant to fresh water, salt water, boiling water, mild alkali, mild acids, alcohol, detergents and severe weather, including ultraviolet rays from the sun. User and environmentally friendly.  It has no solvent vapors or odor, so it is safer to use, especially in enclosed areas.  Over 43% Vol. Solids = 692 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT. 
Product Data Sheet – [MSDS]

CLEAR, SOLVENT BORNE, GLOSS VARNISH – SOMAY Product No. 770 – HEAVY DUTY POLYURETHANE MARINE VARNISH – Premium quality, heavy duty, industrial grade, single component, solvent borne (mineral spirits), polyurethane-based exterior high gloss marine varnish with Ultraviolet Light Absorber, especially formulated to give an exceptionally hard finish that helps to protect, preserve and retain the natural beauty and color of wood.  Resistant to severe weather, fresh and salt water, boiling water, dilute acids, alcohol and normal marring or scuffing. Over 41% Vol. Solids = 671 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT. 
Product Data Sheet - [MSDS]

CLEAR WATER REPELLENT COATING FOR WOOD DECKS – SOMAY Product No. 572 – WATER REPELLENT/WOOD SEALER/COATING –  Premium quality, alkyd (oil) based, solvent borne (mineral spirits) water-repellent/wood sealer/coating for exterior/interior use on unpainted porous wood surfaces when a water-repellent coating is desired.  It provides a clear, protective moisture barrier to resist water penetration into the pores of the wood.  Far superior to nationally advertised competitive water-repellent products. Over 22 % Vol. Solids = 361 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT.
Product Data Sheet – [MSDS]

CLEAR SEALER, FOR CONCRETE AND STONE PATIO SURFACES – SOMAY Product No. 775-00 – CONCRETE & POROUS SURFACE CLEAR SEALER – Seal and protect both interior and exterior concrete surfaces.  This high quality acrylic silicone sealer is used to seal all properly cured and prepared porous concrete and similar masonry, brick, coral, slate and stone surfaces.  It penetrates, seals, dries rapidly and is unusually durable.  No. 775 is exceptionally resistant to: weathering, fading, dusting, mild acids & alkalis, detergents, gasoline, motor oils, alcohol, water and normal wear.  Solvent borne (xylene).  Expect approx. 100 sq.ft./gal. for the first coat on a porous, but smooth surface.  Coverage may be more for 2nd coat.
Product Data Sheet [MSDS]

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CLEAR, HIGH GLOSS POLYURETHANE ENAMEL – “CARBOTHANE”® CLEAR COAT, Product No. 130, is The Carboline Company’s aliphatic acrylic polyurethane, 2-component, ultra high-gloss for a “wet look” finish.  CLEAR COAT provides excellent resistance to ultra-violet (UV) light degradation, as well as excellent impact and abrasion resistance because of the hard finish provided.  The high-gloss finish provides excellent depth-of-image, especially over deep colors or metallic colors.  Useful for a graffiti resistant finish.  Apply by spray or roller.  Compliant with all current VOC and AIM regulations.  
Product Data Sheet    – Part A [MSDS] – Part B [MSDS]   

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