The Carboline Company, a unit of RPM, is pre-eminent in the coating industry, manufacturing and selling throughout the world a wide range of products designed to provide solutions to various coating problems. Carboline is ISO 9000 Certified. For more than half-a-century its Koppers coatings have been specified for pipelines, water tanks, water and waste treatment plants, utilities, etc. by consulting engineers and architects who require proven, reliable, corrosion and chemical resistant coatings to withstand exceptionally severe and long-term service conditions. We highlight here a few of the unique high performance industrial coatings that SOMAY feels provide exceptional value for the purposes intended.

“CARBO-ZINC”® 11 is a high solids inorganic zinc rich primer that protects steel galvanically, eliminating sub-film corrosion. It easily meets VOC regulations regarding metal filled coatings, while providing the proven performance of alkyl silicate zinc rich coatings technology. “CARBO-ZINC” 11 provides excellent corrosion protection and resistance to salting, as well as high zinc loading per square foot. It is typically used for chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, refineries, highway bridges and coastal or salt atmospheres, including offshore. “CARBO-ZINC” 11can be top-coated with epoxies, phenolics, vinyls, acrylics, silicones, rubbers or other high performance finishes.

Product Data Sheet  – Base – Part A [MSDS]  Zinc Filler – Part B [MSDS]

“CARBO-ZINC”® 859 is an organic zinc-rich epoxy primer for steel surfaces.  81% zinc by weight in the dry film.  3-component, solvent-based, extremely fast cure-to-topcoat (30 minutes at 75° F (24° C) and 50% relative humidity), with excellent adhesion and undercutting resistance on properly prepared steel surfaces.  Compliant with all VOC and AIM regulations.  Can be topcoated with epoxies, polyurethanes, acrylics, etc.

Product Data Sheet  – Part A [MSDS]   – Part B [MSDS]  – Zinc Filler – [MSDS]

Carboline Company Industrial Coatings, are distributed by Somay Products, Inc., the oldest and most experienced paint and coating manufacturer and distributor in Southern Florida. Founded over eight decades ago, in 1926, SOMAY specializes in providing “SOLUTIONS” to customers’ problems. We will either manufacture a quality paint or coating for you, or search for a coating from one of our specialty coating providers, such as Carboline Company. Whatever your needs, we look forward to helping you. Please give us a call toll-free, or write, e-mail or fax SOMAY at the numbers shown below.