The Carboline Company, a unit of RPM, is pre-eminent in the coating industry, manufacturing and selling throughout the world a wide range of products designed to provide solutions to various coating problems. Carboline is ISO 9000 Certified. For more than half-a-century its Koppers coatings have been specified for pipelines, water tanks, water and waste treatment plants, utilities, etc. by consulting engineers and architects who require proven, reliable, corrosion and chemical resistant coatings to withstand exceptionally severe and long-term service conditions. We highlight here a few of the unique high performance industrial coatings that SOMAY feels provide exceptional value for the purposes intended. 

“CARBOGUARD”®  890 is Carboline’s most versatile and most widely used 2-component, high-solids, high-build, high-gloss, cross-linked epoxy mastic. It can be used as a self-priming, single coat corrosion protector on steel, providing high performance, excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, unusual flexibility, tolerance of damp substrates, and easy application by brush, roller or spray over hand-tool cleaned surfaces. “CARBOGUARD”  890 is used for interior floors, walls, piping, equipment and structural steel, and for exterior coatings on rail cars and industrial environments subject to corrosive atmosphere, including chemical plants, offshore oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food, water and wastewater treatment plants, utilities, etc. Use 2 coats for immersion in water and wastewater service. FDA approval for incidental food contact areas. VOC Compliant.  

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“CARBOGUARD”®  891 is a two-component, cross-linked, high solids, high gloss epoxy for use when lining steel or concrete potable water tanks, pipelines, valves, hydrants and other equipment in potable water immersion. “CARBOGUARD”  891 meets the most stringent VOC regulations, and is certified by ANSI and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to Standard 61 for potable water tanks. “CARBOGUARD” 891 is chemically accepted by the USDA for incidental food contact surfaces, and the FDA for direct food, beverage and pharmaceutical contact. 

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“CARBOGUARD”® 954 is a polyamido-amine epoxy mastic coating, 2-component, 100% volume solids, solvent-free, all-purpose, user friendly, surface tolerant, self priming, single coat product.  High performance protection providing exceptional resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals and high levels of moisture.  Can be applied by brush, roller or spray on top of practically any surface except old “latex” (waterborne) paints, and can be a gloss finish coat itself, or can be topcoated with acrylics, other epoxies and polyurethanes.  Excellent scrubbability: Meets NFPA 101 for Class A Fire Rating, so is useful in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, etc.  Meets all current VOC and AIM regulations. Formerly called “Multi-Gard”. 

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“RUSTBOND”® is a unique, very high solids, two-component, thixotropic polymeric epoxy, universal primer and tie coat with capillary action to assure intercoat adhesion. It is a cross-linked penetrating sealer with excellent wetting properties used in place of “wash primers” on aluminum, etc. “RUSTBOND” is highly flexible with good chemical and solvent resistance, and accepts a variety of topcoats. It is corrosion resistant and can be used over marginally prepared steel, including galvanized steel and over most old/existing coatings, which then can be top-coated with practically any kind of finish, including most epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds or acrylics. “RUSTBOND” meets the most stringent VOC regulations.

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“CARBOLINE A-788″ SPLASH ZONE MASTIC is a two-component 100% solids epoxy polyamide mastic that can be applied underwater and will cure underwater or in air. “CARBOLINE A-788″ is used to protect metals, concrete, wood pilings, piers, boat hulls, buoys, bridge abutments, etc. that are subject to erosion/corrosion in salt or fresh water.

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“PHENOLINE”® 187 System consists of a Prime Coat and Finish Coat.  It is a 2-component modified epoxy phenolic, amine adduct cured, high-build, tank lining and/or secondary containment area lining and floor coating for concrete and steel surfaces.  Provides excellent splash and spillage resistance to many harsh chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents, jet fuels, petroleum, salt water, municipal and industrial waste water, etc.  Also has excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility, which make it an exceptionally versatile, all around, multi-purpose protective coating with VOC and AIM regulations compliance.

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Surface Preparation – Secondary Containment

Carboline Company Industrial Coatings, are distributed by Somay Products, Inc., the oldest and most experienced paint and coating manufacturer and distributor in Southern Florida. Founded over eight decades ago, in 1926, SOMAY specializes in providing “SOLUTIONS” to customers’ problems. We will either manufacture a quality paint or coating for you, or search for a coating from one of our specialty coating providers, such as Carboline Company. Whatever your needs, we look forward to helping you. Please give us a call toll-free, or write, e-mail or fax SOMAY at the numbers shown below.